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1. Please add me to the Cooking Club Newsletter.
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2.      A. Who was the Primary Purchaser?
 Male  Female
 Single  Married
B. Age?
 Age 20-29  Age 40-49  Age 60-69
 Age 30-39  Age 50-59  Age 69 Over
C. How many members belong to your household ?
 1 - 2  5 - 6
 3 - 4  6+
D. What is your total household income level ?
 $0 - $25,000  $75,000 - $100,000  $150,000 - $175,000
 $25,000 - $50,000  $100,000 - $125,000  $175,000 +
 $50,000 - $75,000  $125,000 - $150,000
3. What do you use the Precision most for?
 a) Boiling  d) Deep Fry  g) Slow Cooking
 b) Simmering  e) Fondue  h) Stews
 c) Sauté  f) Yogurt making
4. What are your favorite foods with the Precision?
 a) Poultry  d) Seafood  g) Dessert
 b) Beef  e) Vegetables  h) Other
 c) Pork  f) Breakfast
5. What do you like best about the Precision?
 a) Quality of food  d) Healthy Cooking  g) Control of Temperature
 b) Speed  e) Easy use & cleaning  h) Other
 c) Energy Saving  f) Compact Size
6. What is your favorite cookware to use with the Precision?
 a) Stainless Steel Pot  d) PerfectGreen Frying Pan  g) Other
 b) Stainless Steel Steamer  e) Yogurt Jars
 c) Cast Iron Grill  f) Fondue Kit
7. Where do you shop most often for electrical household goods? (Choose up to 3)
 a) Department Stores  d) Discount Dept. Stores  g) Infomercial / TV spots
 b) Internet  e) Specialty Stores  h) Other
 c) Price Clubs  f) Catalog / Mail Order
8. How would you rate the Precision?
 Excellent  Average  Poor
 Above Average  Below Average  Un-Satisfactory
10. Would you recommend the Precision to your family or friends?
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